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                            Sessions and Readings also available by telephone & facetime




     1 - 1 SESSIONS  &  GROUPS


  • Art, Creativity & Wellbeing Groups        

  • Creating  &  Manifesting Abundance  

  • Life Readings    

  • The  Artist's  Way

  • Meditation  &  Healing  Circle

  • Mother & Baby/Children Readings/Healing




1-to-1 sessions and Life Readings offer peace, reassurance and clear, practical guidance.  They are especially useful, reassuring and supportive in times of change, transition and turbulence. Space is given to allow problems and anxieties to be addressed. These sessions promote peace, comfort and positivity and offer real upliftment and wellbeing.  






The emerging artist thrives in a kind & encouraging atmosphere.  It is never too late to start exploring, experimenting and creating meaningful art - and collages and vision boards are made in the first session.  Giving time to ourselves in this way is immensely fulfilling, relaxing and fun!


'Everyone can escape stressful life situatons to find inner peace by playing wth colour' Jean Haines, Paint Yourself Calm











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"Thank you for the wonderful session.  It was quite miraculous.  You have helped to lead me back to my centre, back to my hearts path and suddenly out of the confusion has emerged clarity and certainty.  I now know where I am going.  I can't thank you enough."  Hannah